Improve Your Posture At Home In 9 Minutes

Great posture is made of many different parts which recruit a lot of different muscle groups throughout the body, some of which are required to multi-task in their roles. The Posture program has only twelfth seemingly simple exercises. To understand how they help improve your posture consider what is required for a good posture to begin with: A strong neck and shoulders, A strong back, A strong lower back. posture exercises, posture correction exercises, how to fix bad posture when sitting, how to permanently fix posture, upper back posture exercises, is bad posture permanent, fixing bad posture hurts.

0:00 kneeling neck stretch
0:47 Cat Stretch
1:33 extension & hold neck
2:18 lying chin tucks
3:03 Shoulder Backbend Stretch
3:48 Scapular Slide
4:33 spine backbend stretch
5:19 front & back
6:04 Forward Flexion Neck Stretch
6:48 Standing Upright shoulders Stretch
7:34 standing shrug
8:19 diagonal opens

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Can you correct years of bad posture?
How can I fix my posture fast?
How long does it take to correct posture?

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