How to Start Workout at Home (No Equipment Routine)

This guide will help you stay fit and healthy when you’re stuck working out at home. The fastest way to start an at-home workout routine is through an instructor-led workout video. Here’s a list of some of my favorite at-home workout exercise:

0:00 Push-up (3×8-12 rest 1min)
0:48 Pike Cobra (3×8-12 rest 1min)
1:33 Triceps Extension (3×8-12 rest 1min)
2:18 Handwalk (3×8-12 rest 1min)
3:03 Australian pull-ups (3×8-12 rest 1min)
3:48 Squat (3×15-20 rest 1min)
4:33 Leg Raises (3×15-20 rest 1min)
5:18 Australian chinups (3×8-12 rest 1min)
6:04 Lat Slides (3×8-12 rest 1min)
6:49 Triceps Dips (3×15-20 rest 1min)

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