How to Perform Zottman Curls | Bicep / Forearms Exercise Tutorial


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Zottman Curls. A movement which will target the biceps through flexion of the elbow, and supination of the hand in the concentric motion and extensors of the forearms through pronation of the hand in the eccentric motion. This exercise can be extremely helpful by essentially killing two birds with one stone by working on multiple parts of the arm in one go.

How to:
Grasp a pair of dumbbells in both hands and place yourself in the standing position, with your elbow placed at your side and your hands in a neutral position.
Begin by flexing in your elbows while simultaneously supinating your hands, so your palms are facing up.
Once the dumbbells reach the top position, about shoulder level, pronate your hands so your palms are facing downward.
Once your hands are pronated, slowly lower the dumbbells down by extending your elbows in an eccentric motion.
Once your arms are fully extended at the bottom position, restart the exercise in a fluid motion.

Do not:

DO NOT allow your elbows to flare as you pronate your hands. If you feel your elbows flaring outward, try to decrease the amount of pronation on your hands to maintain proper elbow placement.
DO NOT speed through the movement, especially on the eccentric or lowering portion of the exercise, as this will decrease the involvement of the flexors of your forearms.
DO NOT lean back or forward as this will decrease the stretch onto the muscles and help cheat the weight into position. Keep a rigid and straight torso for optimal positioning.

There ya go, if you’re looking for a better arm builder exercise, give the Zottman Curls a try, but just be careful, ya might have to remove all the sleeves on your shirts to make sure they still fit.

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