How To Perform the Leaning Lateral Raise | Shoulders Exercise Tutorial


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Leaning Lateral Raises use abduction in your shoulder joint which will help isolate the lateral head of your deltoids, and performing the leaning lateral raise will increase the difficulty in the movement, by forcing your muscles to work harder from the beginning of the movement to the end due of the angle and positioning of your body.

How to:

Gasp a dumbbell with one hand and lean against a wall.
With your arm straight and placed vertical to the floor, slowly begin to raise the dumbbell, abducting through the shoulder joint.
Bring the weight past parallel to the floor and slight hold, forcing the muscles into an isometric hold.
Slowly lower the weight down to the starting position.

Do not:

DO NOT bend your elbows too much – this will decrease the load of the exercise and place a lower emphasis on the lateral head of the deltoid. If you feel discomfort in the elbow joint, keep a slight bend in the elbow.
DO NOT laterally flex and extend in your waist. This extra motion is helping you cheat the weight into the top position, decreasing the activation in your deltoid.
DO NOT lean against a wall when your feet are too far away. This will force you to place too much emphasis on your core as you’ll feel unstable and unable to properly perform the exercise.

Finding new exercises that work the muscles in different angles can make all the difference when perfecting your physique. And with a simple change in the angle of your body with the leaning lateral raise, you’ll quickly find this might be your new favorite way to help you build those boulder shoulders.

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