How To Perform Finger Curls Tutorial


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Finger curls are an easy way to help isolate the flexors of your forearms. Utilizing the main function of the forearm flexors, wrist flexion. The lower portion of the arm can be neglected, but strong and powerful looking forearms should not be forgotten.

How to:

Grasp a barbell around shoulder width.
Sit onto a bench and place the back of your forearms on your thighs.
Slowly release your grip and let the barbell roll to your fingertips.
Flex your fingers and pull the barbell back to your palms through your forearm flexors.
Flex your wrists at the top position and squeeze for maximal forearm contraction.

Do Not:

DO NOT flare your elbows outward. Flaring your elbows will make it difficult to keep a supinated grip and decrease the emphasis on the forearms.
DO NOT perform half reps. Make sure to perform the full range of motion. If you feel it’s difficult to get complete flexion in your wrists, you’re performing the exercise with a weight that is too heavy.
DO NOT use your feet to help bounce the weight upwards. This is a sign of muscular fatigue, unconscious behavioral habit, or the weight is too heavy.

A very simple yet effective exercise to help build big and strong forearms. But like any exercise, it’s up to you to consistently use them to force the muscles to adapt and grow.

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