How To Perform Farmer Walks Exercise Tutorial


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Farmer Walks. Old school farmers have been known for their incredible strength. Mainly due to their need for carrying equipment, hay, and sacks of grain. That’s why this exercise is aptly named. A full body exercise that will help develop your trapezius, core, forearms, legs, and endurance.

How to:

Grasp a pair of heavy dumbbells in each hand and keep them at your sides.
In a standing position, slightly shrug your shoulders to contract your traps; stabilizing the weight.
While maintaining a straight and rigid torso, start walking in a slow and controlled manner
Make sure to hold the dumbbells with a firm grasp to activate your forearms.

Do not:

DO NOT use a weight that is too light. This will defeat the purpose of the exercise, as you’ll find yourself easily carrying the weight.
DO NOT let your body sway back and forth as you walk. Make sure you maintain a straight and rigid torso. Controlling your breathing can help.
DO NOT let your shoulder relax as this will put unnecessary stress onto your neck.

The farmer walks are an excellent strength building exercise that works in an isometric hold for your upper body, helping to learn to brace in your core, and stabilization in your lower body. Slowly work into a longer walk each time to continue placing more stress onto the muscles.

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