How To Make Any Program Work

Of course the program does matter and there are sound and unsound programming principles but there are 4 things that can help you succeed regardless of what program you are using.

1. Belief
You need to believe in what you do, the way you train and why you’re doing it. The power of belief in undeniable.

2. Consistency
Program hopping isn’t the only offender when it comes to consistency, there are numerous ways to lack consistency in your training. Whether it’s inconsistent effort in the gym or in the kitchen, failing to consistently show up, work hard and execute your plan will lead to diminished results. Anyone can come out of the gates hot and train hard or keep their diet on point for a week or even a month, but it is the ability to stack those months into years that will set apart the great from the average

3. Critical Thinking
Training isn’t an overly complex thing and shouldn’t be treated as such, but that doesn’t mean you should be a mindless meathead in the gym just doing exercises cause they’re going to look cool on YouTube. Make sure what you are doing is going to be a benefit to you and once you have established that it will, then turn all your energy towards executing that plan with all you have.

4. Honesty
It is tough to be honest, particularly with yourself because it isn’t a fun realization that you aren’t as strong as you thought, you aren’t as dedicated as you thought and you don’t work as hard as you thought. To be successful, honesty with yourself (and if possible surrounding yourself with a group that will give you honest feedback) is a must.

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