How to Lose Love Handles Forever (No Bullsh*t Guide)

If you want to know how to lose love handles forever and would prefer a simple 4 step plan for doing that, then you’ve found the right video. Here I’m going to show you a four step process for losing love handles and getting a trimmer waistline.

It starts, as it always does, with your diet. Any time you want to lose body fat you have to address the foods that you’re putting in your mouth first. And when you think about the fat around the waist, it’s just that, excess fat. There is nothing special about the love handles other than the fact that it is often times the very first to be deposited and the last to come off when dieting.

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The issue is however, in an attempt to lose love handles, people diet too hard and wind up creating too high of a calorie restriction. Two things set you up for failure with this approach. First, any cut that large in calories is likely to cause too big a shift in the habits you currently have and it’s going to require too big of a departure from your current diet. Secondly, this big of a calorie restriction is often times going to leave you sluggish or tired and unwilling to put in the exercise effort to compliment the fat loss that you are achieving through diet alone.

The most important part of this though is that, with the love handles being the area of fat that is most reluctant and last to come off, you have to be able to stick to a diet plan for longer in order to see their eventual disappearance. A diet plan that is too restrictive is going to be hard to stick to long enough to allow this type of change to occur.

Instead, you want to aim for a much smaller deficit. Somewhere around 200 to 300 (or up to 500 maximum) per day is where you want to be in terms of a calorie deficit in order to see the types of longstanding results you want to see and the loss of body fat around the waist.

Now, with the diet and nutrition in check the next place you need to start fousing on is your workouts, or more specifically the type of exercises that you are doing. And shockingly, it’s not all about ab exercises or oblique exericses. In fact, you are going to want to train your lats if you want to create a visual differential between your upper back and waist that will immediately help to offset the appearance of a thick waist.

Exercises like the one arm lat pulldown done standing or kneeling are great options here.

The key is that you are focusing on pulling your elbow all the way down to your hip and attempting to almost wrap your elbow behind you to touch your spine. Obviously this won’t happen but it’s the complete contraction of the lats that you’re after, driving your elbow towards the origin of the lats on the pelvis to work this insertion and help assist in the visual narrowing of the love handles from behind.

Next, you have to work your abs.

Now this comes as no surprise since I’m sure you want your entire midsection to look good and not just your sides. But if you think of the obilques as a picture frame, your abs are the picture. Both need to be in good condition in order for them to look their best. It doesn’t matter what ab workout you follow as long as you are consistent. The abs can be trained daily, and nothing more than a 5 to 10 minute ab workout is needed in order to train the core and keep your waistline tight when combined with a good diet plan.

Finally, the obliques need your attention. You may have heard that training the obliques will give you a thick waist. This is a myth. The obliques are actually a waistline tapering muscle that, when trained and body fat levels are low enough, goes a long way towards giving you a ripped, lean midsection.

If you want to lose love handles you have to train your obliques. Any exercise that rotates from either the top down or the bottom up are good candidates for love handle exercises that will help you to get a trim waist.

When you combine this 4 step solution, you’ll see that your love handles will start to eventually disappear. Again, they will not be the first body fat to go. That will happen higher up in the upper abs before it starts to be seen around the waist. That said, if you combine what I’ve told you here you will be able to stick to your diet that will allow you to finally get rid of love handles once and for all.

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