How to Lose Belly Fat WITHOUT Exercise (NO B.S. GUIDE)

If you are wondering how to lose belly fat without exercise, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, I am going to show you exactly how to get rid of belly fat without exercising at all. Losing belly fat is a simple process but requires a little bit of knowledge and know-how.

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To lose belly fat, especially without exercise, you need to understand why exercise is not going to be enough to stimulate fat loss. Take a look at popular exercises that are used to burn fat; walking, jogging, sprinting, and even burpees. Walking and jogging provide minimal caloric burn which is not enough to put you in a caloric deficit. Sprinting and burpees, while providing a greater caloric expenditure, cannot be sustained long enough to really make a difference.

If you walk for an hour, you are likely to burn 264 calories. This can be completely undone by eating a snickers at 215 calories. Think you might opt for a healthier snack like a yogurt? Well, that can just as much damage at 240 calories. This brings up the point that you need to make smarter choices when you choose what to eat.

A big problem that people have when it comes to losing belly fat is that they believe because they exercised in some way, they can reward themselves with a “cheat meal”. This way of thinking is what causes a lack of progress when it comes to losing any kind of fat. Replacing the calories burnt with this “reward” simply means that all the work that they did to burn calories has been for naught. Worse still, if choosing a calorically dense meal, they can actually cause more damage by eating more calories than were burned in the first place.

Some might think certain foods are “healthy” or “clean” but don’t realize the amount of calories that their meals are packing. Remember, to burn belly fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit and making the wrong choices in what you put into your body can compromise that. Many meals you find at restaurants, while looking healthy, actually contain over 1,000 calories per meal.

A good place to start is to educate yourself on foods that are less calorically dense. What you can do with this information is make meal swaps. Burning belly fat requires that you choose the right foods to replace what you are eating right now. A few examples include changing chicken parmesan to citrus grilled chicken. The fried breading and cheese are packed with calories that can easily kill any deficit that you thought might have been in. This plate averages 800-1100 calories whereas that grilled chicken meal checks in at 400-700 calories. That’s a huge difference and can be the difference between gaining and losing belly fat.

Another example on food swaps that you can easily make includes changing white rice out for cauliflower rice. A standard serving of white rice contains around 240 calories while the same amount of cauliflower rice checks in at 20 calories. That’s a lot of calories you could be saving just by making a single, easy swap. Burning fat, again, comes down to making smarter choices in the food that you put in your mouth.

There are some easy swaps to make that you have likely tried before such as swapping out soft drinks and soda for sparkling water (something that contains zero calories in each can or bottle). The swaps don’t always have to be drastic or difficult, but again, require a bit of knowledge and education.

The next step you can take to burn lower belly fat is to limit the portion sizes of your meals. If you are making healthier choices but eating too much of said meals, you are not achieving the caloric deficit required to burn fat. Some of the meals I show you look very similar, but changing the portion sizes of some of the ingredients can make a huge impact on how many calories you consume. Limiting those portions will have you on your way to burning that stubborn belly fat.

Now, while being in caloric deficit is the key to losing belly fat, it doesn’t stop there; this is where exercise becomes important. To avoid being “skinny fat” you will need to build muscle too. Doing this will give a more appealing aesthetic as well as increasing your resting metabolism – allowing for a more forgiving caloric goal and diet.

Two recommendations I have to make this all stick for good is to avoid time aversion eating. If you have heard that eating after 6 PM is going to make you fat, you’ve been lied to. This is nothing more than a myth and if restricting yourself to a time is making it harder for you to stick to a solid meal plan, then you need to throw this notion out the window. My next recommendation is to increase your protein intake, because as you build muscle, more protein is required and is more satiating than carbs and fats but less calorically dense, which will help you keep you on track to lose belly fat.