How to Get Slim Waist and V Cut Abs

If you’re hoping that regular exercise will help to shrink your waist, then you’re in luck. If you want to have a smaller waist this is your chance, with our small waist exercise routine you can burn the fat from your stomach and show off a slim waist. Abs, plank, side plank, small waist, lose belly fat, burn belly fat, weight loss, full body workout, smaller waist, flat belly, oblique workout, flat abs, core workout, lower abs, lower ab workout, tiny waist, slim waist, toned abs, abs in 1 week, fat burning, quiet workout, burn calories, no jumping, no equipment workouts

0:00 Crunch
0:39 Sit-up
1:17 Sit-up 2
2:05 Leg Cycling Supine
2:43 Flutter Kicks
3:22 Bent Leg Raises
4:09 Russian Twist
4:48 Russian Twist 2
5:26 Bent knee Twist
6:14 Tuck Crunch
6:52 Toe Touch
7:31 Bicycle Twisting Crunch

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