How To Get Rid of Body Fat Fast

15 Easy Standing Exercises for Full Body That You Can Do Without Equipment. Target body fat and improve your balance all without having to do a crunch. standing exercises for belly fat for seniors, standing exercises for belly fat youtube. 1 minute standing exercise belly fat burner, belly fat workout 15 standing exercises, 10 minute standing abs workout to lose belly fat. Standing exercise for weight loss, standing exercises for abs. Standing exercises for lower back pain. Standing core exercises for seniors. Standing exercises for lower belly fat.

00:00 360 Walking
00:38 Pendulum Arm Air Lifts
1:13 Place Jog
1:49 Obliques Twist High Knee and Kick
2:24 Swipe Kickback
3:00 Butt Kicks
3:35 Swing and Forward Step
4:11 Twist and Leg Lift
4:47 Back Kick Overhead Press
5:22 Standing Top Corner Punch
5:58 Punch Step Forward
6:33 Boxing Hook
7:09 Knee Raise Side Jab
7:44 Front Leg Lift Under Knee Tap
8:20 Knee Tap

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