How to Get Bigger Arms: Bicep and Tricep Workouts

Do you work out day in and day out but your arms refuse to grow? Unfortunately, doing dozens or hundreds of curls won’t help too much. The bicep is only a small part of your arm.
Ask any guy what he wants to improve about his physique and he’ll most likely mention his arms. Although this is the most popular muscle group to train, few guys actually do it right. It’s not uncommon to see folks who spend most of their gym time doing curls.
Building bigger arms isn’t that easy, though. It takes a combination of training, clean eating, and proper rest to get there. Furthermore, it’s crucial to keep your workouts varied and challenge your muscles into growth.

0:00 Bodyweight Dips
0:45 Concentration curl
1:20 EZ Bar Reverse Curl
1:48 Alternate Biceps Curl
2:32 Seated Single Arm Dumbbell Extension
3:03 Barbell Curl
3:53 Banded Single Arm Kickbacks
4:25 Pause Hammer Curl
5:10 Arm Blaster Crossbody Dumbbell Curl
5:42 Diamond Push Ups!
6:00 Seated Hammer Curl
6:33 Single Arm Dumbbell-Cable Curl
7:01 Dumbbell Alternate Seated Hammer Curl
7:24 Biceps Curl

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