How to Get Big Arms – MUCH FASTER!! (Biceps and Triceps)

If you want to know how to get big arms much faster, then this is the video you’ll want to watch to blow up your biceps and triceps quickly. Getting bigger arms that fill shirt sleeves is actually a lot easier than you would imagine, but it takes doing the right things to understand how to do it fast.

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That starts with appreciating both ends of the range of motion on all of your arm exercises. In an effort to move a lot of weight when training arms, we may find ourselves swinging the weights around with little control by the biceps or triceps. If that isn’t a problem enough, we may be doing this within a very limited range of motion on our biceps exercises and triceps exercises.

If this is you, you need to stop. This mistake is likely to force you to overlook the value of the eccentric part of every arm exercise you do in your arm workouts. And it’s here, in the eccentric part of the exercise that the most biceps and triceps growth is possible in my opinion.

The best way to ensure that you are getting this right is to perform your curls to a count. However long it took you to raise the dumbbells or barbell, lower to a count that is twice as fast. For instance, if you lift to a count of 1 to 2 seconds, lower to a count of 2 to 4 seconds. Be sure to extend all the way down on the curl and all the way up to the top. The same is true for all tricep exercises as well.

Next, you want to be sure that you’re strict training doesn’t equate to you using just light weights. There are ways to keep the weights heavy and use strict form at the same time. The strict curl is a great example of this. Keep your head, upper back and butt against the wall at all times and initiate the upward curl of the bar with just your biceps. The increased tension that you generate without the momentum will skyrocket your muscle growth if you do this correctly.

The same can be said with an overhead triceps extension. Too many people just rock their bodies back and forth when doing the exercise and it cost them fast triceps growth. Tighten up that form but keep the loads as heavy as you can handle and you will start to get big arms much faster.

Next, you must not forget that arm size is determined by more than just your biceps and triceps. Your brachialis muscle is a significant contributor to the size of your arms. If you want to get bigger arms then you will not be able to overlook this muscle any longer. My favorite way to do it is with the cross body hammer curl rather than a simple hammer curl. The more pronated position of the forearm will minimize the biceps more and keep the tension higher on the brachialis.

You can also build up this muscle with pullups. Using a siightly narrower grip will shift the tension a little off the lats and more to the upper arm muscle that will play a big role in getting those arms of yours to grow bigger.

Next, your bodyweight arm exercises should not be used strictly are burnout exercises. They are fully capable of helping you to build big arms much faster if you allow them to. The overload is there if you embrace it. There is no better exercise for building bigger biceps for example than the chinup. Throw on a weighted vest for additional weight if needed and it will blow up your arms incredibly fast.

Next, remember that the arm doesn’t just end at the elbow. The forearms are a large part of the appearance of a maximally developed arm, so you need to train them too. Two of my favorite ways to train the brachioradialis is with the reverse EZ bar curl using a slightly less pronated grip and the reverse grip pulldown. Both of these exercises help to build big forearms and can easily be slotted into any arm workout for bigger arms.

Finally, no matter what you are doing in your arm workouts if you aren’t getting enough high quality protein you won’t grow. Make sure you are meeting your daily protein requirements of .8 to 1.2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight if you want to get bigger arms fast.

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