How To Deal with Injury

Dealing with an injury? Coach Marisa Inda gives her tips on how to deal with this frustrating situation.

Feel Your Feelings
It’s perfectly normal to feel angry, sad, and get frustrated when your body won’t do what it did before. I think it’s important to acknowledge those feelings when they come, sit with them for a moment, and then gather yourself and move forward. Small steps forward are still moving you along the road; sitting and dwelling for too long just keeps you in the same place.

Celebrate Small Wins
As you’re recovering it’s important to celebrate any small win. Small wins lead to increased confidence, keep you excited about training, and eventually lead to the big wins.

Pivot Goals/Expectations
If you’re constantly comparing yourself to your past PR’s you’ll spend more time being frustrated and this is the time when you have to keep a positive mindset. If you’re trying to step back on the platform and coming off an injury, adjust your expectations at the beginning of your training block. Set realistic goals and work towards those so you walk away with a win-things like going 9/9, or competing pain free. You are always in control of something-if you’re unable to lift heavy, then control your diet and get into the best physical shape of your life.

As someone who has dealt with injury and has had to take what seems like 3 steps back, I know that there is always a work around-keep moving forward there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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