How To Build Your Chest & Back Workout (10 Effective Exercises)

1) Seated Upper Back Row – 4 x 10-12
2) Bent Over Row – 4 x 8-10
3) 3 Angle Lat Pull Down – 4 x 10-12
4) Reverse Grip Pull Down – 4 x 8-10
5A) Single Arm Cable Row – 3 x 10-12 Each Arm
5B) High To Low Reverse Fly – 3 x 10-12
6) Straight Arm Pushdowns – 2 x 12–15

(90sec Rest Between Sets & 2min Between Exercises)
1A) Incline DB Press – 4 x 8-10
1B) Decline DB Fly – 4 x 10-12
2A) Close Grip Press – 3 x 10-12
2B) Alternate Low To High Fly – 3 x 10-12 Each Arm
3) Alternate Arm DB Press – 3 x 8-10 Each Arm
4) DB Press To Fly – 3 x 8-10 Each Motion
5) Press Ups – 2 x (AMRAP)
(90sec Rest Between Sets & 2min
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