How To Build Your ARMS Fast (14 Effective Exercises for Biceps Triceps Forearms)

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0:00 reverse grip spider curls
0:46 Landmine Press
1:28 EZ-Barbell-Curl
2:03 Triceps-Extension
2:31 BB Bicep Curl
3:13 Incline Chest Press
3:59 EZ-Barbell-Seated-Curls
4:27 DB One Arm Triceps-Extension
4:54 Weighted-Tricep-Dips
5:38 Dumbbell Concentration Curl
6:12 Seated-Triceps-Extension
6:45 Cable-Triceps-Pushdown
7:23 EZ-Barbell-Spider-Curl
7:47 EZ-Close-Grip Press & Triceps Extension
✔️Richard Duchon:
✔️Steve Kris:
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