How To Build SHOULDERS & BACK Workout (12 Effective Exercises)

✔️Back Extensions
The back extension machine at the gym is a great tool for targeting your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Back extensions are sometimes overlooked, but they can be very useful in strengthening the all-important posterior chain, which are the main muscle groups of the back-body.
✔️Barbell and Dumbbell Shrugs
Shrugs are similar to upright rows and work the trapezius muscles at the top of your spine around the neck. You can perform this exercise with dumbbells hanging at your side—just shrug the muscles up and down—or use a shrug machine if one is available.
✔️Seated Front Dumbbell Press
All three of your shoulder deltoid muscles get a workout with the front overhead press. Sit on a bench and push alternating dumbbells over your head.
✔️Bent Over Lateral Raises
Keeping your back straight, bend over and raise the dumbbells (or pulley weights) to your sides, like a bird opening its wings. This #exercise targets your deltoids and your back muscles.
You can also perform lateral raises standing upright, which work the trapezius #muscles in the shoulders even more. Don’t overdo it with weight on this exercise to avoid straining or injuring your #shoulders.
✔️Dumbbell Front Raises

Dumbbell front raises are isolation exercises to stabilize your shoulders. In the front raise, the dumbbells are lifted straight out in front of you, alternating left to right. This targets your front and middle deltoids and your chest muscles as well. Keep the weight on the lighter side for this one to avoid straining your shoulders and back.
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