Home Dumbbell Workout (11 Exercises)

This home dumbbell workout is ideal for building muscle and strength and improving your overall fitness in the comfort of your own home. To help you out, here’s a total-body home dumbbell workout that will leave you feeling sweaty, strong, and sore in the best way possible. Save this total-body home workout with dumbbells for when you want to strength train at home:

00:00 Hammer Press
00:46 Rest
00:58 Skullcrusher
1:40 Rest
1:51 Floor Fly
2:35 Rest
2:46 Straight Arm Crunch
3:29 Rest
3:41 Glute Bridge
4:24 Rest
4:35 Hamstring leg Curl
5:18 Rest
5:30 Z-Press
6:13 Rest
6:24 Russian Twist
7:08 Rest
7:20 Sit-up
8:02 Rest
8:13 Deep Push-Up
8:57 Rest
9:09 Renegrade Row

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