HIIT Cardio and ABS Workout for Weight Loss

High Intensity Interval Training Program designed to help your body burn high and your muscles work hard. The exercise transition allows for some recovery on the fly while the load to the muscle groups being worked is applied with some consistency throughout each set and with higher intensity at specific moments in the set.

0:00 High Knee Skips
0:36 Squat side kick
1:06 High Knee Run
2:06 Jack knife
2:37 Vertical Turn (straight legs)
3:07 Star Plank
4:23 Hip Raise Bridge
4:54 Dynamic Plank
5:24 Plank Arm lifts

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The abdominal group is made of four separate muscle groups and Cardio Dive is designed to target them all, beginning to increase the load with each set without neglecting the other muscle groups in the body.
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