High Intensity LEG DAY! Save & Try this Big Legs Workout

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Ex1. 0:00 Leg Muscles
Ex2. 0:14 Bulgarian Spilt Squats
Ex3. 0:39 Sissy Squat
Ex4. 1:27 DB RDL’s
Ex5. 2:13 Lying Hamstring Curls
Ex6. 2:46 One Leg Squat
Ex7. 3:11 Standing Calf Raises
Ex8. 3:45 Hack Squats
Ex9. 4:24 Barbell Hip Thrust
Ex10. 4:58 Single Leg Ex.
Ex11. 5:22 Seated Leg Curl
Ex12. 5:56 DB Raises Sumo Squats
Ex13. 6:30 Lever Kneeling Leg Curl

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Elliptical Trainer Benefits That You Can Use

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Buying A Treadmill

Are you considering getting a treadmill? These equipments can be rather valuable as they permit you take pleasure in the enjoyment and gains of an exercise while still in the comfort of your residence or neighborhood.

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