Get Rid of Your Double Chin

If you are seeing a double chin and a drop in your neck and jawline, don’t worry. These easy exercises that can help get rid of a double chin. This exercise focuses strengthening (and toning) the muscles. That will help strengthen the muscles around the jaw and the neck. Strengthens the muscles in your face. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Increases blood circulation.

00:00 Clam Stretching
00:39 Hands Behind Hold
1:13 Air Lateral Raise
1:50 Neck Stretch (wall)
2:25 Full Neck stretch (wall)
3:01 Chin Tuck
3:36 Posterior Neck Isometric
4:11 Front and Back Neck
4:47 Neck up down left right
5:22 Backward Forward Turn to Side

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