Get Body Transformation In 14 Days!

This is the perfect workout for those days when you’re not sure what to do and know you really need to do something to workout. Use it as a filler, a routine, the go-to work out when you have nothing else to fire you up. At 10-15 reps per exercise there really is no excuse not to do them. hiit workout at home, body workout at home, dumbbells workout at home, workout at home for women, home workout without equipment, home chest workout, arm workout at home, at home pilates workout, home gym workout.

0:00 Twist Hip Lift
0:40 Crab Twist
1:20 Handwalk Push-up
2:00 Split Squats
2:40 Arm and Leg Lift
3:20 Low Lunge Twist
4:01 Plank Lateral Raise
4:41 Starfish Crunch

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