Get “Bigger Arms” in 22 Days! (GUARANTEED)

If you wondering how to get bigger arms, this arm workout will help you build big biceps and triceps in just 22 days. The key to the effectiveness of this workout for bigger arms is hitting the muscles most effectively and knowing how to progress the exercises over the course of the three weeks.

It is important to note that this workout for bigger arms is going to replace your current arm workout or direct biceps and triceps exercises you’re doing. If you have been dedicating a single day of the week just to biceps and triceps, then you’ve been missing out on potential arm gains. We know that we can stimulate muscle protein synthesis every 48 hours, so you will be spreading that same volume over the course of 3 mini arm workouts times per week.

To get bigger arms, you should start by first establishing an objective baseline – that is by breaking out a measuring tape and measuring your arm while flexed. Wrap the tape around the peak of the biceps and the largest portion of the triceps. Keep note of this number, because you will be comparing to it when you reach day 22.

The first training day of the 22 day arm workout starts with just one biceps exercise; the Incline DB Waiter Curl for 4 sets of 9 reps. The key to this is establishing a good mind muscle connection with the biceps using high quality contractions. On day 9, you will be repeating this exercises but you will be performing 3 pulses at the top of each rep. On day 16, you will be performing the same exercise with the pulses again, but this time, you are doing 6 pulses instead of 3.

On day 2 of this workout for bigger arms, you are performing 4 sets of Bench Dips to failure. Again, focusing on that mind muscle connection. On day 10, you will be following the same protocol as you did with the biceps by performing 3 pulses at the top of each rep until you reach failure. On day 17, there will be 6 pulses at the top of each rep. Remember, to build big arms, you have to be able to really feel the contraction of the muscles with each repetition.

The second biceps day includes the Alt. Cross Body Hammer Curl. This is a great exercise for focusing on the brachialis to increase the height and width of the biceps. Perform this exercise for 4 sets of 12 reps with each arm. When you repeat this on day 11, increase the weight of the dumbbells by 5 lbs for 12 repetitions in rest/pause fashion. On day 18, increase it by 5 more lbs, again in rest/pause fashion.

The second triceps day attacks the medial head of the triceps, the smallest of the three heads to help widen out the arm. Here, you have two exercise options to pick from; Tricep Pushdowns or Thumbs Up DB Bench Press. Either of these two exercises will help build bigger arms thanks to their requirement of locking the elbows out at the end of each rep. The progression is to increase the weight on day 12 by 5 lbs and day 19 by 5 more lbs.

We know that eccentrics are a main driver of muscle growth and to build big arms, we can’t ignore that fact. On day 6, you will be performing Cheat Curls with a slow eccentric of 3 seconds for 3-4 sets of 8 reps. Next week, the eccentrics will last for 4 seconds but still performed for 8 reps. In the third week, you will be using a 5 second eccentric lowering for as many reps as you can, then 4 seconds for as many as you can, and then 3 seconds until all 8 reps are completed.

For the last triceps training day of the week, we’re doing the PJR Pullover. Here, you can use the lats to muscle the weight up on the concentric portion of the lift, while slowly lowering the weight back to get a good stretch on the triceps. The progression protocols remain the same as the biceps: 3 seconds on day 7, 4 seconds on day 14, and the 5-3 second regression on day 21.

We wrap up the arm workout on the 22nd day by measuring our arms once again, giving an objective comparison to where we started just a few weeks ago.

If done step by step, you will get bigger arms and should see some noticeable gains fast. Try it out and make sure that you share it with a friend to see who makes better arm gains in 3 weeks. Remember to come back to see the full arm workout schedule and exactly what exercises to do as you progress to filling up your shirt sleeves.

If you’re looking to get big arms and more, our step by step training programs and nutrition plans will help you build the body you’ve always dreamed of. You can check them out at and make sure to go through our program selector quiz to find the right workout plan that best matches your current goals.

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