Get Abs in 14 Days and Lose Belly Fat

Focusing your workouts on your abs can help tone your tummy and strengthen your core, which can have positive carryovers to your… Ab exercises are about so much more than getting a flat belly. They strengthen your core, which is important for strengthening your entire body. Here you’ll find the best ab exercises for your lower abs, upper abs, and obliques. Get rock-hard abs with these at home and at the gym ab

0:00 Seated Crunch
0:31 Seated Twist
1:01 Janda Sit-up
1:56 Leg scissors
2:27 Scissor Kicks
2:56 Alternating Leg Raise
3:51 Crunch with rotation
4:22 Twisting Crunch
4:52 Sitting Punches
5:47 Mountain Climber
6:17 Mountain Climbers Walking
6:47 Power Mountain Climbers

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