Get a Chiseled Lower Chest (No Bullsh*t Guide)

If you want to get a chiseled lower chest, then you’ve come to the right video. I’m giving you a no B.S. guide to lose chest fat and build a more defined lower chest. This is one of the most sensitive topics for men. Nobody likes staring in the mirror and seeing a saggy lower chest staring back at them. If you follow the advice given here, you’ll be able to start sculpting rounder lower pecs fast.

How to Build Your Lower Chest –
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As always, it starts by taking an honest self assessment in the mirror.

Are you dealing with purely chest fat or are you just lacking lower chest development and muscle? If it’s the former, then you are going to have to address your nutrition first and foremost. There is no situation where you are going to fix your saggy lower chest simply by performing chest exercises. You have to create a caloric deficit in order to burn chest fat and even be able to reveal the degree of chest muscle development that you have now.

There are many videos on this channel that show you how to lose fat overall which will help you to decrease your levels of chest fat as well.

That said, many people not only have issues with chest fat but their poor lower chests come from a lack of proper training. They either aren’t doing the right lower chest exercises or are doing the exercises incorrectly. That is where I believe we can make the most impact.

It starts with covering your bases with the heavy hitters. These are the exercises for your lower chest that you likely have already done but maybe aren’t doing exactly right. The decline bench press, dips and incline pushups are three of the most basic lower chest exercises you can do. The benefit to them is that you can easily load up the weight and grow a bigger chest but they do not take you through the pectoralis major full range of motion.

In order to take advantage of this, you have to understand the science of the pectoralis major muscle. There are three distinct heads to the pecs. First is the upper or clavicular head which runs from the clavicle down and out towards the upper arm. The second is the sternal portion of the pec that attaches from the sternum and runs once again out to the common attachment on the arm. Lastly, is the often overlooked abdominal head of the pecs. This is the one that has attachments to the lower sternum and ribs and runs up and out toward the upper arm once again.

The orientation of the chest fibers reveals that in order to get a better lower chest you have to bring the arm not just high to low but also across the body.

This opens up exercise options like cable crossovers, pushup variations and even one arm exercises done with bands and a pullup bar that allows you to get a defined lower chest even when training at home. The key to getting a chiseled lower chest is taking a smarter approach to your chest workouts. This includes making sure to avoid one of the bigget mistakes you can make when training your pecs.

This is allowing your shoulders to shrug up under the weight of your body or the dumbbells as you perform the exercises. On the dip, if you sink your body down and allow your shoulders to rise during the descent, you will greatly diminish the contribution of the lower chest to the exercise. Instead, keep your shoulders pushed down the entire time and press up through your arms and chest on every rep for proper execution.

The decline dumbbell bench press should also be done with the shoulders being pushed down and the elbows tucked. Failure to do so and letting the shoulders rise will take away the recruitment of the lower chest.

Finally, forgetting about the importance of your upper abs and posture can be having a visually negative effect on how your pecs look, creating a saggy lower chest if ignored.

The upper abs actually form a frame for the lower chest line above. If you are not training your abs with top down ab exercises right now, please start. These will go a long way towards creating a better visuaul defintiion for the chest above.

Likewise, poor posture with rounded shoulders gives you no chance of having a great looking chest. This no bullsh*t guide isn’t afraid to point this out. You’ve got to pay attention to how you stand. Slumping forward will point your chest downward and hide the results of your hard work. Learn to keep your sternum up as if balancing a glass of water on top of it. This will make your chest stand at attention.

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