Full Leg Stretch Routine for Hamstrings Butt and Hips

Tight leg muscles? Keep these 15 best leg stretches for legs in your back pocket anytime you need relief from muscle tightness. Leg stretches can help you maintain lower body mobility and prevent injury and pain. Here’s how to do them before and after working out:
00:00 Lying Butterfly
00:38 Lying side twist
1:12 Windshield Supine Wipers
1:48 Single Leg Stretch (bent knee)
2:23 Single Straight Leg Stretch
3:00 Adductor stretch
3:36 Lying Criss Cross Legs
4:11 Happy Baby Pose
4:46 Butterfly
5:22 Seated Wide Adduction
5:57 90-90 hip rotations
6:33 sitting ankle stretch
7:08 Feet and Ankles Stretch
7:44 Ankles Rotation
8:19 High Lunge R
8:56 High Lunge L

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Start improving your flexibility today with the help of this lower body stretching routine. Add these leg, hip, and glute stretches to your daily workout.

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