Full Body Low Impact Strength Workout (with No Jumping)

Let’s get stronger together by putting in the REPS! This low-impact workout will leave your muscles feeling stronger without any jumping or cardio! Grab some weights and let’s workout!

This is workout 1 in the REPS program. Make sure you’re following the REPS PLAYLIST to see each of the 5 workouts added each week. This program’s focus is on strength and hypertrophy. We’ll mix heavy days with intense, power-centered workouts, with minimal cardio. When I encourage you to lift heavier weights, be confident and go for it. Maintain great form, slow it down if needed, and breathe through your reps. If it gets intense, keep breathing and dig deeper!
Your training choices this month center around getting stronger or hypertrophy (building muscle). Before starting this training program you will want to pick a primary goal for the next few months. Strength is about performance, while hypertrophy is about appearance, adding muscle mass to your body.
For STRENGTH, focus on lifting weights with your highest intensity, emphasizing max effort per rep. You’ll need to select the heaviest dumbbells you can use for this training goal! Move the weight as fast as you can control it safely, with reps per set ranging from 2-5 reps per work period.
For HYPERTROPHY, maintain a moderate tempo per rep lifting for 2 seconds and lowering back to start for 2 seconds, using weights between 75-85% of your max weight you can use for each exercise. Control both lifting and lowering, and squeeze at the top of each movement.
It’s time to work hard, push yourself, and remember that hard work in workouts is never wasted!
Do your best this month to always give your max effort. Breathe through your reps, push through fatigue, slow down mentally and focus, and know that your dedication will yield great results!

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In today’s workout we will work for 30 seconds for each exercise and rest for 15 seconds. We are grouping similar muscle groups together in supersets so you can focus on really targeting one specific muscle group at a time. We will finish having worked your whole body as well as keeping your heart rate up with short work periods and short rest periods. Pick up your heavy weights, it’s time to CRUSH IT!

The Exercises:
1. Goblet Squats
2. Sumo Squats
3. Right Arm Bent Rows
4. Left Arm Bent Rows
5. Deadlifts
6. Romanian Deadlifts
7. Hammer Curls
8. Alt Supinated Curls
9. Front Squat
10. Reverse Lunges
11. Chest Fly
12. Straight arm Pull Over
13. Split Squat Left
14. Split Squat Right

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Warm Up
3:19 – Squats (Goblet and Sumo)
7:35 – Rest
8:35 – Single Arm Rows
12:50 – Rest
13:50 – Deadlifts
18:06 – Rest
19:06 – Bicep Curls
23:22 – Rest
24:18 – Squats and Lunges
28:36 – Rest
29:36 – Chest Fly & Straight Arm Pull Over
33:52 – Rest
34:52 – Bulgarian Split Squats
39:07 – Cooldown and Motivation

Make sure you’re following the REPS Program in the REPS playlist this month!

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