Full Body FAT BURNING Workout (HIIT Exercises)

New workout, you dont need an hour or more in the gym to get in shape or a bunch of weight.. All you really need is 15 or 20 minutes of intense exercise and your bodyweight. Hiit workouts take away all your excuses.. Start small, keep a routine, create new habits, stay committed, get guaranteed results! ! That simple..
1. High knees into leg extensions
2. Lunges into front kicks
3. Crisscrosses into front kicks
4. Ankle taps into high knee taps with squat pulses
5. Side lunges into front kicks
6. High knees into squat jumps
7. Squats into fly jacks
8. Lunges into squats
9. Switch feet into high knees
10. Crisscrosses into side lunges
11. Switch feet into lunge pulses
12. Toe touch into ankle tap jacks
13. Bear plank reaches
14. Burpees into mountain climbers
15. Bear plank reaches into knee taps
16. Jumping sprinter lunges
17. Lunge pulses into single leg rdls into knee drives
18. Side reaches into side lunges with ankle taps
19. Sprinters into squat pulses
20. Crisscrosses into squats
21. Side lunges into side kicks with ankle taps
22. Single leg box squats into single leg push ups
23. Crisscross hops into ankle taps
24. Lunge pulses into side lunge pulses
25. Squat pulses into punches
26. Press jacks into ankle taps
(30 sec on, 10 sec off / 3-4 rounds)
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