Full Body Fat Burn | Best Plank Workout (Smaller Waist and Flat Abs)

Training the abdominal muscle group is no easy task. The muscles do not all respond to training at the same rate and there is a core group of abdominal s, running beneath the external ones with muscle fibres pointing the opposite way. This makes for a core picture which no single exercise can adequately address which helps explain why strong abs are hard to attain, which makes them an aim to strive for.

0:00 Front Plank
1:02 Mountain Climber
2:02 Plank to dolphin
3:02 Single Leg Plank
4:03 Front Plank to Toe Tap
5:47 Side Plank
6:47 Front plank with arm & leg lift
7:48 Spiderman plank
8:48 Single arm plank
9:49 Elbow Up & Down Plank

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