Forehead Curls Exercise Tutorial | Increase Bicep Size With Farther Range of Motion

Forehead Curls Exercise Tutorial – Increase Your Bicep Size With Farther Range of Motion


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Dave Draper was a popular bodybuilder from the golden era of bodybuilding, winning many titles and cementing his name in the history books as one of the greats. One exercise he used to build his vascular well built arms was the “Draper Curls” or more commonly known now as “Forehead Curls”. A variation of the classic barbell curl, this exercise places further stress on the biceps by increasing the range of motion, and difficulty.

How to:

Grasp a barbell with an underhand (supinated) grip, just outside shoulder width.
In a standing position, flex in your elbow joints, curling the weight up.
As the barbell reaches the midway point, flex in your shoulder joints to pull the barbell up to your forehead.
After a slight hold at the top position, slowly lower the barbell down to the starting position.

Do not:

DO NOT let your shoulders do most of the lifting by not flexing in your elbow joints. This would focus on your front delts and turn the exercise into a front raise.
DO NOT pull your head down to meet the barbell. This will decrease the range of motion and put your neck into a compromised position, increasing the chance for injury.
DO NOT lean back as you curl. This is a sign of performing with a weight that is too heavy and the body cheating to get the weight up.

The biceps are responsible for multiple movements, elbow flexion, supination, and shoulder flexion. Although the biceps are not the primary mover for shoulder flexion, the long head will help with that movement. And this is why performing this exercise will increase the activation of the biceps. Adding that little extra movement can go a long way in building a golden era physique.

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