Forearm Exercises to Improve Grip Strength

Your forearms are composed of many small muscles, each with a slightly different job to do. You can have well-developed biceps, triceps, and shoulders, but “the look” just isn’t complete if your forearms aren’t also on the beam.

0:00 Unilateral Wrist Rotation
0:48 Side Lying External Rotation
1:35 Behind Back Wrist Curl
2:19 One arm Revers Wrist Curl
3:04 Reverse Curls Concentrated
3:50 One arm Wrist Curl
4:36 Over Bench Wrist Curl
5:21 Wrist flexor stretch
6:01 Wrist extensor stretch

Strong forearms do more than massage your vanity, too. They also augment your grip strength, which is vital for progressing on pushing and pulling exercises like the bench and overhead press, deadlift, and row. (Fun fact: research shows that people with stronger forearms live longer, too!).
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