Fix Your Sitting Posture (Scapular Muscle Tone)

Our postures need stable shoulder blades, and many lack the strength and stamina to support the two bones. Give your posture the power and stability you deserve with the Scapular Exercises. how to permanently fix your posture, how long does it take for a chiropractor to fix your posture, is bad posture permanent, posture correction exercises, upper back posture exercises, fixing bad posture hurts, how to improve posture women, exercises and tips to improve your posture

0:00 T raises
0:55 W to Y raises
1:50 Prone Scapular Pulses
2:44 Seated behind back raise
3:39 Scapular push-up
4:33 Bent over reverse flys
5:28 Retractions arms forward
6:22 Spine backbend stretch
7:17 Standing reverse flys
8:12 Crossed leg stretch
9:06 Scapula Dips
10:01 Back Stretch

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