Fix Neck Pain Relief and Neck Hump

Neck Exercising is a natural treatment for your neck hump. My favorite exercise to reduce the appearance of a neck hump is a pec stretch with neck extension. This video will be broken up into an easy-to-follow guide to help quickly treat a neck hump at home and Fix Neck pain relief. posture correction exercises, posture, posture workout, good posture, back posture exercises, body posture correction:
0:00 Chin Tucks
0:41 Cervical Deep Neck Extensors
1:21 Neck Circle Stretch
2:01 Chin Tuck ver.2
2:42 Forward flexion neck stretch
3:23 Rotating Neck Stretch
4:02 Backward forward turn to side neck
4:43 Arms Above Head Fly
5:22 Spine Backbend Stretch
6:03 Posterior Neck Isometric

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