Exercising for Better Posture

Effective exercises to improve posture. Correct posture looks different for everybody, but we can roughly define it as stacked joints: a simple visual cue of ears over shoulders, ribs over hips over heels, pelvis, and spine in a neutral position. how to permanently fix posture, how to fix posture sitting, fix posture exercises, do posture correctors work, how to fix posture, how to improve posture women, good posture examples, how to fix posture while sleeping.

0:00 T-fly
0:33 W to Y raises
1:05 Half Fly
1:37 Prayer Squeeze
2:10 A-Fly
2:42 Reverse shoulder stretch
3:15 Spine stretch
3:47 Wall slides
4:18 Stretching at the wall
4:50 Neck stretch

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