Eat Like Jeff Cavaliere (RIPPED YEAR ROUND!)

If you ever wanted to eat like Jeff Cavaliere and be ripped year round, this video is going to show you how. I’m going to cover my most important method for how to eat to be lean, and the best part is that it will work even if you don’t desire the low body fat levels that I have right now.

As always, nutrition is the main determinant in how lean you look. Cardio, while helpful in burning a few extra calories is not the determining factor for how ripped you can be. The biggest and most significant impact you are going to have is always going to be with your nutrition. That said, far too often people don’t take a calculated approach to how they eat and it leads them to carrying around higher body fat percentages than they should.

The key to diet success is going to be having a system in place. The meal plan that you are following to do this should first and foremost, allow you to eat foods that you enjoy. Too many people think that eating to get ripped means that you have to eat nothing that you like and only bland and boring foods. This is simply not the case. Taking the time to learn how to make foods that you already enjoy taste even better is going to change the way that you look at diets forever.

In fact, the word diet will never exit your mouth again. Once you settle in on a way to eat that you can live with, it is simply going to become your lifestyle and it is at that point that the long term changes can occur.

The second most important thing that you can do from here is pick a method of eating and stick with it. In other words, if you have to call them a diet plan to get lean at this point fine, just make sure it is one that can lose the diet tag after awhile and become just the way you eat. Whether this be keto, paleo, or just low fat like myself, it is important that you find one that doesn’t disrupt your life too much or you likely won’t stick with it for long.

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As I said, my meal plan of choice was to lower my levels of dietary fats that I ate every day. In the beginning, my daily eating was already too high in fats so finding places to cut wasn’t even hard. I also realized that with dietary fats being twice as calorically dense as carbs and proteins on a gram per gram basis, I was going to have the greatest impact by doing this. This also was the easiest to do since it didn’t deprive me of the carbs I felt better consuming to meet the needs I had as a competing athlete.

From here, I advise you to eat at specific times of the day if you want to eat like Jeff Cavaliere. I don’t eat when I’m hungry, I eat when the clock tells me to. Now, this occurs within a window of time that is roughly 30 minutes. For instance, around 8-8:30am I have breakfast. Somewhere in the mid morning, I have a snack – roughly around 10:30-11am. Lunch follows as well as a mid afternoon snack. I keep these windows open for these short periods and they can fluctuate a bit from day to day, however I make sure not to eat outside of these windows.

Far too often, people that eat when they are hungry wind up finding it very hard to stay in a caloric deficit. This happens because even the hunger itself that they are feeling can be confused for other signals and they mindlessly graze themselves into too many calories.

To assist this, I add additional times and eating windows during the day to account for any periods that I seem to be getting consistently hungry. I started out just eating three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. The additional snacks that were added were done so out of necessity. At this point, I’m locked in and so will you be if you take the time to do this right.

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Finally, if rule number one is in place and you are eating foods that build muscle and that you actually like, you will not need cheat meals. The name itself implies that you are eating foods that are a far departure from the ones that you eat on a daily basis and are somehow much more gratifying. Again, if you take the time to identify foods that can keep you full and happy you won’t need cheat meals or even more, cheat days.

If you are looking for a complete 90 day meal plan that reflects exactly how Jeff Cavaliere eats to stay lean year round, be sure to head to via the link below and get one of the programs. All workout plans come with a day by day eating plan.

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