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If you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably seen the phrase Body Tempering. If not that, then likely the word X-Wife, X-Husband and other unique names in relation to someone laying a big tube of steel on their body. Body Tempering is a term coined by Donnie Thompson, a former powerlifter who was the first human to total 3,000 lb in the squat, deadlift, and bench press in competition. Donnie Thompson is also the inventor of the Rogue Thompson FatPad, Rogue Thompson Fatbells, Spud Inc Bow Tie and likely a few other things.

I have yet to find a clear definition on what Body Tempering is, so I’ll try my best to create one based on the many out there. Body Tempering is a type of mobilization done on soft tissue via the rolling of weighted cylinders across various muscles of the body. To simplify the idea, it’s like foam rolling, but instead of you providing the weight of your body on the muscle and joint, you use an external weight (Rogue DT Tempering Rollers for instance) to provide the pressure.

From an evidence-based standpoint, in the same way that studies done on foam rolling have shown very little long-term changes for mobility, there is little evidence that Body Tempering produces long-term changes. However, I see no reason to believe it doesn’t provide short-term changes, which, if done in conjunction with other mobility work, could lead to long-term changes.



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