Do This Warm Up Every Morning!

This morning routine warmup will help women and men get ready to face any type of day with dynamic stretches to help promote blood flow and energy.
What can I do for quick morning workouts?
Are 10 minute morning workouts effective?
What is the best physical exercise to do early in the morning?
Should I exercise as soon as I wake up?
So start your day right by taking just a few minutes each morning to stretch your major muscle groups:

0:00 push and rotate
0:41 arm crossover chest out
1:21 arm double crossover
2:02 standing elbow touch
2:42 elbow to elbow
3:22 elbow touch and lift
4:03 standing elbow clap
4:43 triangle fly
5:24 bodyweight standing fly
6:04 shoulders full flexion
6:44 up and down
7:24 wrist flexor stretch

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How do I warm-up early in the morning? How can I warm-up quickly? Is it good to warm-up every morning? Is 5 minutes a good warm-up?
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