Do This Plank Every Day and See What Happens To Your Body

The plank is a popular isometric exercise that works every core muscle, as well as muscles in the back, shoulders, hips, and legs. The plank – an exercise where you hold your body off the floor with your elbows and toes, is a commonly used exercise to work the core. Improve your strength and stability with these simple plank exercise on the traditional move.

0:00 Dynamic Kneeling Plank
0:43 Elbow Up and Down Plank
1:21 Rest
1:54 Front Plank
2:35 Elbow touch plank
3:13 Rest
3:45 Wide Front Elbow Plank
4:26 Body Saw Plank
5:04 Rest
5:37 Plank Thigh Tap
6:18 Plank Walkout
6:56 Rest
7:30 Plank Side Walk
8:10 Leg Extension Plank

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