Do This Morning Stretches Every Day!

Stretching is one of the most misunderstood activities in fitness. Because it is mostly associated with the “bend down and touch your toes” variety of exercise its importance is frequently overlooked and the benefits it can provide are lost. As muscles grow and as they age, they change. A balanced stretching routine helps provide more even muscle growth along muscle fibers and an increased degree of flexibility, both of which provide a fuller range of motion, greater freedom to move our body as we wish and provide us with more power when we ask it to do something.

0:00 Lying Stretch
0:50 Adductor stretch
1:40 Bridge Pose
2:31 Calf Stretch
3:21 Butterfly Pose
4:12 Shoulder Flexor Stretch
5:02 Quadriceps stretch
5:52 Arms Vertical Stretch
6:43 Circular Toe Touch
7:33 Pulse Lunge
8:23 Knee Raise Stretch
9:14 Side Lunge Stretch
10:04 Knee Circles
10:55 Standing reach up
11:45 Scapular Slide

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