Do This Everyday To be Flexible

I challenge you to do this routine daily for 14 days to see how much your flexibility improves! 10 stretches to do everyday, daily stretch routine for flexibility, full body stretching routine, daily stretching routine for beginners, stretching exercises for beginners at home, list of stretches for every muscle, daily stretching routine for athletes.

0:00 Bridge Pose
0:46 calf stretch
1:32 Butterfly Pose
2:17 pulse rows
3:03 cobra stretch
3:48 superman rows
4:34 lying leg cross
5:19 Step in Place
6:05 Single Leg Deadlift
6:50 twist step stretch

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Is it OK to do flexibility everyday?
How can I get more flexible everyday?
Why is it important to do flexibility every day?
How can I be flexible in a routine?

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