Do This Everyday For 7 Days & Get Strong ABS

These must-do ab exercises with weights will intensify your core workout and strengthen your abs. Tighten your abdominal muscles and protect your spine with the most effective ab exercises. exercise for: abs for female at home, beginner abs workout female, abdominal exercises for women, abs exercises with weights, best ab workouts for men, best ab exercises for women, chloe ting abs in 2 weeks, how to get abs in 2 weeks female.

0:00 Dumbbell Straight Arm Crunch
1:10 Side Plank Hip Lifts
2:37 Dumbbell Straight Arm Twisting Sit-up
3:43 Dumbbell Straight Leg Russian Twist
4:49 Dumbbell Crunch
5:54 Dumbbell Side Bend
7:20 Wipers

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