Do This Every Day To Get Lean (SCIENCE BASED)

If you want to get lean, it is definitely possbile if you can commit just a few minutes every day to make sure it happens. And that is what is important, it isn’t going to take all day, just a little bit of time each day to make sure you are taking care of the calories out part of the calorie equation.

And when it comes to getting ripped or just having lower body fat levels it always comes down to what I call the three C’s. What you consume or the food you put in your body, your conditioning and your consistency.

I have a dedicated video on exactly how to eat to get lean that I’m going to link for you at the end of this video.

In the meantime, I want to lay out a cardio workout plan for you that is going to be foolproof and tell you exactly what to do each day to get lean.

It starts with understanding your max heart rate. This is a simple percentage that can easily be calculated by subtracting your age from 220. This will give you your maximum heart rate in beats per minute. Now it’s important to know this number since all of the cardio zones that you will be training in are determined by this number.

In the example given in the video, a 40 year old man or woman would have a maximum heart rate of 180.

Now, the different cardio zones, many of which you have likely heard through the recent works of Dr. Peter Attia (like Zone 2 cardio and Zone 5 cardio) are based off of this number as I said. Your zones break down as follows:

Zone 2 Cardio – 60-70 percent of max hr
Zone 3 Cardio – 70-80 percent of max hr
Zone 4 Cardio – 80-90 percent of max hr
Zone 5 Cardio – 90-95 percent of max hr

Each of these zones applies a different stimulus to your body and will have a different training effect. Now before you think that cardio workouts are only for those people that want to lose fat or lose weight, that is not true. Recent research has shown that the greatest way to decrease all cause mortality is through the adoption of a frequent cardiovascular training plan.

The plans and workout that I’m laying out for you here will be a great place to start doing that.

Now each week, the goal should be to perform 4 zone 2 workouts, 2 zone 5 workouts and one zone 3.5 as I like to call it.

This last workout is actually a bodyweight workout that has an aerobic benefit by virtue of the fact that you will be performing a series of anaerobic exercises without rest. These are great for helping to stress the muscles with overload that can help to build muscle at best and stave off muscle loss at the very least.

Be sure to follow the sequence of these workouts throughout your every day plan even if you decide that you may want to shift the days a bit during your week to better accomodate your schedule.

The different types of zone 2 and zone 5 workouts are described here. In general, you have a great amount of choices as to what you want to do as long as you do it at the right intensity level. A proper zone 2 cardio workout will have you breathing hard but still able to converse if needed. These are typically done for the longest amount of time – you are just starting out with 15 minutes in the first month.

The Zone 5 workouts are at a much higher intensity level. Again this is at 90 percent of your maximum heart rate. You will see that you are out of breath and really working hard, but you won’t have to do them for long. If you are running or cycling you will perform these with a 1:2 work to rest ratio. If you are rowing or swimming you can do this at a 1:1 work to rest ratio.

The Zone 3.5 workout is comprised of a series of bodyweight exercises that will hit your entire body. There are bail out exercises provided in case you either can’t do the main exercise or can’t sustain it for the entire 45 seconds that it is prescribed. Just do as much as you can within your means. If you stick to this cardio workout plan I promise, you will get lean as long as you maintain your consistency.

The prescribed amount of time that you are training for will increase in each of these three zones by 5 minutes each month.

When you’ve done this, please be sure to check back in every month and leave an update in the comments about how you are doing and how much weight loss you have had.

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