Do This Dumbbell Exercise For 7 Days & Get Strong ABS

If you didn’t know already, now’s the time to embrace more variety in your ab workouts with dumbbell exercises for abs. Try these 6 abs exercises to work every section of your abdominal muscles using only 1 dumbbell:
0:00 Side Plank with Rear Fly R
0:38 Side Plank with Rear Fly L
1:15 Rest 30sec
1:23 Dumbbell Side Bridge R
1:59 Dumbbell Side Bridge L
2:34 Rest 30sec
2:42 Straight Arm Crunch
3:20 Rest 30sec
3:27 Straight Arm Twisting Sit-up
4:05 Rest 30sec
4:11 Dumbbell V-up
4:48 Rest 30sec
4:56 Straight Leg Russian Twist

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