Do These Exercises Every Day! Warm up Morning Routine

Best Warm-Up Exercises
Beginner Dynamic Warm-up Exercises and Video
3 Advanced Dynamic Warm-up Exercises and Videos
15 Quick Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises to Prevent Injury
What are 5 warm-up exercises?
What are some simple warm-up exercises?
What are full body warm-up exercises?

0:00 Back Slaps Wrap Arround Stretch
0:54 Standing reach-up back rotation stretch
1:44 Runners Stretch
2:34 Standing Back Rotation Stretch
3:24 Cat Stretch
4:14 Circles Knee Stretch
5:03 Standing Hip Flexor Stretch
5:53 Fixed Bar Back Stretch
6:43 Spine Stretch
7:33 Neck Side Stretch

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How do I start a morning routine?
What is a normal morning routine?
What is the healthiest morning routine?
What is the best daily routine?
Stretch before working out? No. Warm up instead


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