Do These 12 Exercises and Get a Flat Belly in Just 30 Days

There are many effective exercises that target the abs. Improve your ab muscles with these easy and effective Ab exercises that truly provide results! Start building your six pack in 30 Days.

00:00 Twisting Crunch
00:38 Cocoon Crunch
1:11 Rest 30secs
1:21 Groin Crunch
1:55 Frog Crunch
2:29 Rest 30secs
2:39 Circle Leg
3:14 Alternate Leg Pull
3:47 Rest 30secs
3:57 Lying Tuck Crunch
4:31 Opposite Crunch
5:05 Rest 30secs
5:15 Lying To Touch
5:50 Elevated Cycling
6:23 Rest 30secs
6:33 Tuck Up Knee Tap
7:07 Lying Scissors Cross

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