Ditch The Cookie Cutter Templates

It’s hard to make the most of your training with so much information out there. JuggernautAI can help you succeed faster, by taking all that data and creating a program specifically for you.

The biggest problem with most programs is that they don’t take into account all of your unique needs, they just give you a cookie-cutter template.

We’ve solved this by creating a system that automatically creates a training program specifically for you based on your needs and goals.⠀

With every JuggernautAI workout, you train the algorithms to learn the best program for you. Including:

Set to Set
Day to Day
Week to Week
Block to Block
Program to Program

Want to know how to have the perfect powerlifting meet? Our adviser takes all your JuggernautAI training into account to calculate your attempts for the most successful meet.

Try the JuggernautAI App for 2 Weeks FREE: https://www.juggernautai.app/

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