Dead Bench-How, Why & When? #shorts

There are tons of different exercise variations out there being touted as a fix to this weak point or the best exercise to improve such and such. Here is a simple guide to help you understand how to do some of these more important variations, why you would perform them and when they’re best to include in your training.

Low Pin Press/Dead Bench

Technique Points
-Set the pins about 1” below your sticking point, down to ½” off the chest
-Get your normal setup (scaps retracted, foot position, stacked position) as you would in a normal bench
-Come to a full stop on the pins for every rep, this is usually best done by perform singles or cluster sets.

Why To Do It
-To build up pec strength for overcoming weakness off the chest by eliminating any stretch reflex
-To work around an injury by controlling ROM or removing the eccentric phase, if that is where pain is happening

When To Do It
-This is best suited for Strength Blocks. It doesn’t lend itself particularly well to higher volumes that you’d want for Hypertrophy but could be used there too. This can either be done as its own bench day or after your competition benching to address a specific weak point.

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