Daily Stretching – Focus on Flexibility

Morning Stretches To Start Your Day is a yummy full body sequence to get you stretched and poised for an awesome day. Is it good to stretch as soon as you wake up. What is good morning stretch. Is it good to stretch everyday in the morning.

0:00 Lotus Pose Breathing
0:48 Sitting Lotus Pose Hip Horizontal Rotation
1:34 Seated Neck Tap
2:19 Side Bow Stretch
3:05 90 to 90 Stretch R
3:40 90 to 90 Stretch L
4:15 Bird Dogs
5:01 Pelvic Tilt
5:47 Setu Bandhasana
6:32 Rocking Frog Stretch
7:18 Down Dog Knee to Nose R
7:53 Down Dog Knee to Nose L
8:30 Side Angle Pose R
9:05 Side Angle Pose L

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Is it good to do yoga in the morning. What is a good morning yoga time. When should I wake up for yoga. What is the yoga position for sunrise?