Considerations for Masters Lifters

Considerations for Masters Lifters:

✅Training History/Athletic Background
We all age differently based on our genetics, athletic background, and training history. Look at the lifter’s past and strategically develop a yearly plan that will best suit the athlete and their goals.

✅ Injury History
Because a masters lifter can have an extensive background in other sports you need to take into consideration any previous injury that can affect programming and adjust things like exercise selection, volume, and periodization.

✅ What Stage of Their Career Are They In
As athletes age both in number and in their training age, programming will need to reflect this. Strategically selecting meets, prioritizing recovery, and proper exercise selection are all things to consider.

✅ Fatigue Management
We want to reduce joint stress, especially for the older lifter. This is done by exercise selection that will help improve the quality of movement while not overloading the athlete with too much volume or work.

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