Calisthenics Exercises | Bodyweight Workout Plan

Bodyweight exercises are full-body strength training exercises that can help you stay fit at home because they require little to no equipment. These conditioning exercises use the weight of your body against gravity to provide resistance training for your muscles.
Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere:
0:00 start
0:10 Pike Push-Ups with Elevated Feet
0:36 Pike push-up shoulder tap to decline push-up & tap
1:09 Skull Crushers
1:24 Jumping Lunges with Battling-Ropes
1:41 Archer to Typewriter Push-Up
2:09 Single Arm Push-Up
2:26 Close Grip Push-Up
3:01 Hindu Push-Up to Pike Push-Up
3:39 Forward to Backward Lunges
4:12 Calf Raise
4:41 Explosive Push-up
5:01 Step up knee drive
5:31 finish

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Five Advantages of Home Gyms

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If I Buy a Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike, Where Should I Put It?

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Trampoline Pad For Your Safety

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Some Factors to Consider When You Buy Equipment For Your Home Gym

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